Ebike Trasimeno
Enjoy the landscapes of the shores of Lake Trasimeno with minimum effort ..

Trasimeno Turismo - Noleggio & Tour Bike

At your disposal a well-stocked e-bike park the famous pedal-assisted bikes suitable not only for the less trained who can finally afford a longer ride than usual or a more vigorous climb, but also to sportsmen, eager to extend their itineraries or to increase the height difference.

Our activity offers the possibility to hire electric bike or one or more days, in order to be able to approach this new part of the cycling world. We mainly refer to MTB experts who wish to try new alternative emotions, but at the same time to amateurs, as the treated product is easy to use and very comfortable.

EBIKE XF1 Integra Trail from 140 mm is an ENDURO SPORT with character and an innovative design, maximum grip, excellent driveability and optimum power. Suitable for all terrains, tough trails, climbs and downhill cruising. Ideal for discerning or sportier bikers.

SEVEN DAYS a contemporary look with structural embellishments which make it stand out while toughening it up to take on all the challenges of road and city cycling. The battery is tucked away in the carrier, giving it a clean, stripped down look while distributing the weight to make it easy to ride without giving up on storage space or the ease of recharging it. Available in an “EASY” version, for maximum ease when getting on and off the e-bike, this still has all the features of the Metro version.

E-MTB Junior has a special model for little ones, agile and comfortable, this bike has been designed with a geometric frame and elegant colours. It offers great agility both on and off-road. Well able for winding roads, it offers excellent support on turns and performs well on muddy and slippery surfaces including ice, sand and snow.

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